Sarinea Meserkhani

RTT Hypnotherapist and Life Coach - ( at Awakened Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching)
I am both a Certified RTT Therapist (stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy, created by Marisa Peer) and Certified Hypnotherapist through the Marisa Peer School
I specialize in helping people identify and transform the subconscious beliefs that hold them back from living the life they truly want. Rapid Transformational Therapy is a multi-award winning methodology, developed by Marisa Peer, a world-renowned hypnotherapist with over 30 years of experience, with whom I studied and became a certified RTT hypnotherapist. By uncovering when, where, and what happened to cause my clients to create negative beliefs, I help clients transform their lives into the life they’ve always dreamed of. If a client is in need of support beyond hypnotherapy in order to determine what actions need to be taken to successfully step into their life’s purpose, I am available for coaching sessions as well.

2550 HONOLULU AVE. #103, MONTROSE, CA 91020, USA

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