Kathryn Holland

Financial Advisor - ( at Edward Jones)
I hold a Series 7 and 66 which allows me to provide financial planning and advice as well as implement the plan. I also have a BA in Liberal Arts. Feel free to look me up on brokercheck.finra.org, a site that shows you an advisors credentials and history as well as any disclosures (if they’ve gotten into trouble). My CRD# is 6801261

Financial planning is an industry created by rich, old white dudes; for rich old white dudes. I get to shake it up by bringing this very necessary service to everyone because everyone deserves to have access to it. Access to a pro is even more necessary when you are poly due to archaic marriage laws.

I can help you identify your financial goals, how to arrange finances so no one is left vulnerable and finally, help you implement the plan. On an ongoing basis, I work to keep you on track.

I serve all ages and can help with retirement planning, education savings, and other financial goals. The minimum to invest with me is $5,000, I make my money off any fees or commissions generated when you invest; meetings are free. I am very up front about what it will cost you and I will tell you if you’d be better served at a discount house.

If you can put a group of three or four families who just want an hour or two to ask questions and get generalized answers, I’m happy to do that too. I don’t charge for those because making this information widely known and available is more important to me than making money.


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