Why seek a Poly Friendly Professional?

Many professionals have not received training about the needs of polyamorous people, or how to work sensitively with polyamorous folks. This is noticeably true in the field of mental health. Poly Friendly Professionals are self-identified as being knowledgeable about these concerns, and they provide services which take poly folks' particular needs into account.

Have the professionals listed in the directory been “vetted” as being poly-friendly, or as being capable professionally?

Nope - we’re a small crew of volunteers and we unfortunately don’t have the resources to dialogue with each of the providers in our database about their qualifications. The providers listed herein have represented themselves as being poly-friendly members of their professions, and it is considered unethical by most professional standards to state that one has a qualification that one doesn’t possess. We encourage you to ask questions of the providers listed here, such as “Have you worked with a lot of poly folks before?”

Are all of the professionals listed here polyamorous themselves?

Some are, some aren’t, and those of us in the know ain’t tellin'. More seriously though, it isn’t necessary to identify as polyamorous to possess an awareness of the concerns and needs of the polyamorous community.

I know of someone who is a really cool poly-friendly professional but who isn’t on your list! Can I submit their info?

Please do NOT submit another person’s name. If you know of someone else who it would be neat to have listed here, please send them the info about this website and let them choose whether to submit a listing themselves.

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