Joining the Polyamory-Friendly Professionals Directory

What qualifications do I need to have in order to be listed as a “Polyamory-Friendly Professional?”

At the very least, it is required that you believe that polyamory is a valid lifestyle and that you are welcoming towards polyamorous people. It is also required that you be educated in some way about the needs of the polyamorous community. This can take various forms, including having worked previously with poly clients; having read a good amount of literature on polyamory; and being involved with the poly community as an active ally or a community member.

Do I need to be polyamorous to be listed in this directory?

No. It is not necessary to identify as polyamorous to possess an awareness of the concerns and needs of the poly community.

Does it cost anything to be listed in this directory?


Great! What do I need to do in order to be listed in the directory?

Send an email to with the following information:

  1. A statement attesting that you meet our criteria for poly-friendliness as described above.
  2. Your name
  3. The name of your business (as applicable)
  4. Your profession
  5. (As applicable) Your degree/s, certification/s, states/provinces of professional licensure, the number/ID of your professional license/s, and (if an intern) the name and license info of your primary supervisor.
  6. Your business address (including country)
  7. Your business phone number (no fax numbers, please)
  8. Your email address, if available
  9. Your website URL, if available
  10. A brief description of your services (limit this to approximately 300 words please), which might include the following info:
    • Your professional specialties and skills
    • What languages you know
    • The populations you serve - ages, concerns, etc (as applicable)
    • Fees - amount, sliding scales, membership in insurance panels

How long will it take for my listing to appear in the directory?

A few days to a few weeks is typical, depending on how busy we are when we receive it.

Are all listings automatically accepted?

We can’t accept listings for sexual services given legal concerns.

The maintainers of this directory reserve the right to remove or refuse any directory listing for any reason.

Can I see some sample ads before submitting mine?

Sure! All of the ads can be accessed from

How do I get in touch with the directory coordinator?

To contact the directory coordinator, email

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