Chris Russell

BA with honours in psychology; 30 years experience counselling, coaching, mediating and nurturing people in greater Vancouver. Inventor: Kismet stones, author: Kismet Stones, Notes from a Madman, visionary: Wellness cafe, educator, father, son, brother, etc.

You have found your solution. I offer people, specializing in couples, compassionate listening, with honest response, passed in kind respect to all people. I excel at finding meaning and purpose in your situation. I use labels only with your permission, and only for ease of communication. You are not what you feel or think. You are a being of love.

With a vision to change mental health, I offer people in my community safe space to heal from their trauma, to transform pain into character through the power of love. Our minds are stronger than you know. I will guide you into deeper awareness of your own potential. I offer many opportunities for change including, one on one, couples, groups and workshops. I can coach, counsel, guide, and mediate you, your relationship, family and collective.


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