Vicki Bloom

Doula - (at Whole Self Doula)
Whole Self Doula is a full-spectrum doula practice which provides loving support to pregnant individuals and their families in Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, and Westchester County, NY, founded on the idea that the best birth experiences happen when people bring their whole selves into the birthing room. I am especially drawn to support people who may fall through the cracks of the medical system or otherwise feel unheard through the process of medical birth – younger and older parents, single parents, LGBT, genderqueer and GNC parents, people making adoption plans, and people experiencing stillbirth or fetal loss. I also specialize in supporting alternative parents who want to feel comfortable with a professional with whom they can share their family dynamics openly, such as polyamorous families and people in power-dynamic relationships. I can serve clients with household incomes under $30K at no cost under the auspices of the Doula Project (www.doulaproject.org). Postpartum and lactation services also available.


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