Karoline Gostl LAc.

Licensed Acupuncturist - (at Forest Hills Acupuncture and Healing)

I am a licensed acupuncturist and nationally certified in Chinese herbal medicine. I can take some insurance (I bill as an out of network) but have to validate each individual’s insurance before I can bill them. Everyone asks about that. :). I am a general practitioner, but most frequently, I treat for pain, injury, gyn-related issues aside from infertility, stress/emotional issues, and autoimmune issues. I seem to be particularly good at neck pain; it has been suggested that it is karma from having a history as a pain in the neck. :)

I have long ties to and a number of dear friends within the poly community. I am GLBT/queer friendly. I have been told by a few patients that I do a very good job of being respectful of boundaries and that it is incredibly rare to find someone good at treating assault survivors. I do my damndest to make everyone comfortable in my office, and if I screw up, please tell me.

If you have any questions, call or email. Emails will probably get you a faster answer.


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