Leonie Linssen

Coach, Counsellor - (at Verander je Wereld)

I am a Dutch polyamorous and bisexual coach and counselor, have an open relationship and am open about my lifestyle. My personal experiences have led to my choice to become a relationship coach, with an expertise in alternative types of relationships. This is also described at my website where you can find more information about how to deal with polyamory and/or living with a polyamorous partner.

The most important thing for me is that clients find their own way in how they want to live their lives, with of without more than one love. My goal is helping people to find their own solutions for their situation, not my solution. I challenge people to live from authenticity, as it creates passion and energy.

I am currently writing a book about my experiences with coaching clients with polyamory challenges, and describe how they found their solutions. I do this together with the Swedish writer Stephan Wik. The book will be published both in English as Dutch in Spring 2010. I have given various interviews in Dutch magazines about polyamory and open relationships. I give workshops for counselors and other social workers, how to adapt their way of helping clients with different types of love relationships.


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