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Hi there! My name is Darren Ramsey. After ending a long-term married relationship, I took what I had learned from the marriage and began exploring what I really wanted in a relationship. What I found was that the answer to, What kind of person would I like to be with? was complex, and in some ways did not seem realistic. I did not want someone identical to myself - I enjoy the differences between myself and others - and upon realising that I was not completely fulfilled in a traditional style relationship, I began to define myself in new ways. That lead to the discovery of the word that summed my ideas up - Polyamory. Ever since that day, I allowed myself to be open to finding more than one partner each having different qualities that worked for my own personality and life - and that I now have fulfilling, well-rounded relationships in parallels with. Immersing myself in polyamory communities, like PolySA in South Australia and others, I soon found that there is actually an increasing number of people are expressing interest in alternative styles of relationships and not only that, they had questions about it - and that contributed to Relationships Evolved being born. My story does not end with Polyamory though. I also immerse myself in other non-traditional communities, personally identifying with many of them including LGBTIQ and the BDSM scene. As an internationally-accredited Master Performance Coach, NLP Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist and Lifestyle coach, I decided to specialise in the field of Relationship Coaching and Education several years ago. After personally experiencing some relationship challenges and having the desire to find and work with an understanding and non-judgmental Relationship Professional, I was disappointed with what I found in the community. I became passionate about filling the gap and it became a driver to immersing myself in intense study and practice. Having worked with individuals, couples and groups helping them resolve their issues, build strong self confidence and achieve solid relationship foundations; I now uses those skills to help even more people. Using my unique and friendly presenting style, I also deliver workshops to groups that are specifically designed to educate people in all relationship choices and levels of evolution. Whether people are looking to heal past hurts, find new connections, build on their existing relationships or exit a relationship whilst maintaining respect and self esteem, we at Relationships Evolved have the tools and techniques to help. In fact, my personal vision is to teach people how to do it all themselves, effectively placing the tools and techniques to create, maintain and enrich relationships in to the hands of everyone who wants them. -Through the power of knowledge, the wisdom of thought and the belief in the kindness of human nature, may we all prosper- [Darren Ramsey, 2009] - Does online consultation - Does phone consultation


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