Robert McGarey M.A.

Counselor - ( at The Human Potential Center)

Poly relationships can be profoundly fulfilling if our communication skills are up to the task and our own issues do not get in the way. I know, because I have been poly for over 35 years, and have been counseling poly folks for over 30 years. I work with individuals, couples, triads, quads and moresomes, with the goal of helping everyone feel heard and deeply understood by the others in the relationship. Poly is one possible lovestyle out of many, and I believe it is important to help each person find their own personal best way to love.

I also work with:

  • those who are initially exploring poly and do not yet know if they are poly or not,

  • poly/mono couples where one person is poly and the other monogamous

  • couples where someone cheated and now would like to rebuild trust in an open relationship

I wrote The Polyamory Communication Survival Kit,, available at http://www.robertmcgarey.com/Site/Poly_Kit.html, and I have been for years a frequent presenter at national poly conferences on the East Coast, the West Coast and everywhere in between. I believe you will find me knowledgeable, insightful, compassionate and non-judgmental. You are invited to schedule a free, half-hour introductory session to get a feel for the kind of work we can do together. Sessions are also available by phone or internet. Sessions are normally $120 for a full 60-minute hour, but if that is not in your ballpark then a sliding scale is available.


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