Ash Rehn B.Soc.Wk, MA, MSc, AMHSW

Counsellor & Therapist, Accredited Mental Health Social Worker - (at Forward Therapy)
Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (registration no: 209125). Registered through the Australian Association of Social Workers.

I am a therapist and writer who is interested in and respectful of relationships, lifestyles and individuals outside of mainstream or prevailing norms. I work online and can meet with people over webcam, via ‘phone, through instant text chat or email exchange.

I’ve trained in a range of approaches but prefer to use narrative and dialogical approaches and to work with people in collaborative ways. My practice is influenced by the work therapists such as Harlene Anderson, Johnella Bird, Michael White, and Art Fisher. I am also interested in reading and editing pieces of writing that assists in the understanding of non-mainstream ways of living and loving particularly those that exist outside of, or challenge, the heteronorm.

I specialise in working with people in non-exclusive and polyamorous relationships, LGBTQ folk, sexuality, concerns about pornography ‘addiction’, ‘sex addiction’ and erectile dysfunction.

While my primary language is English, I do speak some Swedish and sometimes Swedish-speakers consult me in Swedish. Appointments in-person in Australia may attract a rebate through Medicare. Those outside of Australia can make payment for consultations through Paypal in a range of currencies. I work with people all over the world. Contact me now through my website to ask a question or book an appointment.


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