Karen Haas MA

Counselor and Life Coach

Compassionate counseling services provided in person or on the phone at affordable rates to fit your budget. Solution focused, I help you turn your life/relationship challenges into opportunities for connection and growth.

Relationships bring both deep joy and pain because we are all doing our best to get our own needs met. What started out as something exciting, erotic and caring can easily turn into unresolved conflicts, pain and blaming each other. Often in the chaos of intense feelings and interpsersonal conflict, we lose sight of any tools or skills we can use to create a life we all want. My goals are to help you to become more aware of who you, what you want, how to communite when those wants/needs collide with the wants/needs of the ones you love, and most importantly to create a process that builds bridges, trust and connection in order to deal with the inevitable ups and downs that are inherent in “more loving.”

I’ve have been personally involved in both BDSM and poly relationships for over a decade. It has been an honor to bring the passion I have to support individuals, couples and families for 30 years to the sex-positive community. Referrences are available. - Does online consultation - Does phone consultation


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