Amanda Johnsen M.A.

Therapist & Integrative Medicine Specialist - (at AltarNative Healing Arts)
I offer comfortable, compassionate and experienced support for the diverse spectrum of the sex-positive community. I have been an active member of this community for over a decade and it brings me great joy to engender self-acceptance, exploration, healing, and self-empowerment. I celebrate all sorts of kink and offer the following sorts of sessions: *relationship strengthening *guided imagery and expressive arts therapy *personal enrichment *hospital/medical/physical work as an Integrative Medicine Spceialist in guided imagery and expressive arts *transpersonal/spiritual work as an ordained priestess with the 13 Moon Oracle Mystery School, shamanic work and personal meditation practice since 1982 *clinical work as a graduate in Counseling Psychology from C.I.I.S. *hands-on healing work from a lineage of hands-on healers and as a Reiki master practitioner *medical marijuana education: teaching use of altered states for intentional and deep healing. (I DO NOT sell or provide any medicines).

1304 GRAND AVE., SAN RAFAEL, CA, 94901, US

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