Ariella Popple PhD, PsyD

Psychologist, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher

In a dream I was asked, What is it you do? I replied, I am a life saver for human souls. At the time I was working in community mental health and teaching yoga. Since then I have trained as a professional massage therapist. I still have no better answer. I believe that health of mind, body and soul are integral to us all. We each need touch, freedom to move our bodies, and companions who hear us and recognize our potential as human beings, in order to navigate this ocean of life. I offer individual, couple and group psychotherapy (talk therapy) with a focus on working with people who are part of the open-relationship, polyamory and alternative sexuality communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Additionally I have a practice providing therapeutic massage and individual and small-group yoga instruction. Presenting this information together here speaks to my holistic approach, however if you see me for talk therapy this means that you cannot also see me for massage or yoga instruction, because the ethical standards of Clinical Psychology prohibit having multiple relations with a client.

contact email (private): ariella.yoga@gmail.com


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