Jesse Whittle-Utter LMFT

M.A.. Counseling Psychology, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #79783 in California.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California, offering services at my office in Oakland as well as online to California residents. I provide psychotherapy and coaching for a variety of issues, including trauma, depression, anxiety, living with HIV/AIDS, grief and loss, interpersonal and relationship problems (specifically polyamorous and nonmonogamous folks), questions of sexual identity, confusion around vocation and life purpose, and more. Although I have a diverse practice, my specialties include:

  • EMDR for rapid, effective healing from the enduring impacts of trauma

  • Working with people questioning their gender identity, exploring/pursuing transitioning, or seeking mental health assessment letters for surgery

  • Working with gay men to develop an identity, lifestyle, and relationship that are true to their deepest selves

  • Working with women from a feminist perspective to examine and challenge oppressive social conditioning and double standards at work and in relationships

My clients find a comfortable, supportive and engaging atmosphere. The process of therapy leads to healing from loss, developing deeper intimacy with others, becoming more resilient, and letting go of emotional patterns that no longer serve you. Effective therapy involves a moment-to-moment experience of both feelings and ideas in order to understand the past, to live more fully in the present and to choose well for the future. My own healing journey and life experience as an artist, photographer, gay man, nature lover, traveler, student, therapy client, Buddhist practitioner and worker for social justice enable me to bring a breadth of understanding and wisdom to the lives of the people with whom I work.

I am not paneled with any insurance companies other than a few Employee Assistance Programs (see my website for details on this.) I require full payment at the time of each session; however, I can provide a statement that you may use to seek reimbursement from your insurance company if they cover out-of-network therapy services. Please visit my web site to see my current fees.


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