Dena Plotkin MFT

Psychotherapist and Life Coach - (at Dena Plotkin)
Open, Honest and Direct Psychotherapy and Life Coaching An open, honest and direct work space is what we need to explore and gain a deeper understanding of why we think/feel and do the things we do. Through this process we begin to learn new things about ourselves and the world we live in. It is this new perspective that allows us to make different decisions and make our visions a reality. Why live life on someone elses road, when you can take control of your own? Walking a mile in someone elses shoes just takes you a mile away … in shoes that do not fit. So instead, lets start from the beginning. Therapy is a specialized and unique space which everyone has a right to, no matter their circumstances. In this economy, more than ever it is important to have access to this resource. I believe in therapy being an accessible space both economically and personally. From the business of the relationship to the work being done, it is a space shaped yours and your therapists needs. - Does online consultation - Does phone consultation


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