Randy Ralston

Relationship/Intimacy/Pleasure Coach

Somatic Sexologist

Consciousness Facilitator

California State-Certified Sexological Bodyworker (Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality)

UK Certified Somatic Sex Educator (Institute for Somatic Sexology)

I offer individual, personalized sessions counseling and educating clients in intimacy, consciousness, and relationship/emotional skills to release guilt, fear, and shame. Sessions provide compassionate, somatic healing for sexuality and relationships so that clients can let into their lives all the love, pleasure, and freedom they have always wanted.

Many have have deep healing to do, and many others do not identify as having any issues, but simply wish to enhance themselves, to go deeper with themselves. Sometimes a client wishes to learn and explore new things, new ways of expression and being that they might be afraid, ashamed, or unwilling to with their current relationship(s), and unable to by themselves.

Scar tissue remediation (due to surgery, childbirth, injury, or illness) is also offered - I have been professionally trained to work directly with (internal and external) scar tissue.

I accept referrals and work in collaboration with complementary and traditional professionals, therapists, medical doctors, social workers, and other health care providers.

Serving Ireland, UK, Europe, and beyond.

This is a judgement-free, sex-positive, kink-friendly offering. All abilities, sizes, sexual & relationship preferences, and orientations are loved, respected, and welcomed. I specialize in women and female-bodied individuals. However, my work helping people deepen their embodiment is available to all gender-identities and sexes.

Fees are charged on a per session basis, with rates generally similar to what one would expect to pay for other highly experienced and trained specialist professionals. Specifics disclosed during initial consultation.

PLEASE NOTE: Sexological Bodywork is not a sexual service and we do not act as surrogate partners. We remain fully clothed for the duration and any touch that occurs in our therapeutic education sessions is unidirectional - no reciprocal touch is permitted.


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