Roos Reijbroek

Coach, counsellor - (at De Meerminners)
MA Gender Studies (2012, Utrecht University), Post-HBO Professioneel Coach (graduation in December 2016, TC University)

Specialties and skills: In personal coaching, I focus on how you can reach your full relational potential, not by forcing you in a monogamous or polyamorous framework, but by discovering and observing your (limiting) beliefs. Via non-hierarchical conversations we map your current situation, what you desire from your relation (s, with yourself, your partner(s), your environment), and what you need to get there. Expect a respectful atmosphere with attention for all people involved.

At discussion/support group evenings, the main goal is to share, acknowledge and recognise ourselves in each other, and give tips if that’s what someone asks.

  • Languages of all services: NL & EN.

  • Population I serve: people occupied with consensual non-monogamy, regardless of age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. Though the focus lies specifically on polyamory and other consensual non-monogamies, I’d like to state explicitly that BDSM, tantra, feminism, LGBTQ, sex workers & partners, and other non-normative sexualities are welcome.


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