Susann Dietzmann

Graduate Economics Psychologist (Fh)

I work as relationship counselor and personal coach in Dresden, Germany. I am qualified psychologist and specialized on alternative relationships. A big amount of my clients belong to the poly-scene in Germany.

The aim of my work is to find the very special way for every couple, triad, polygon… and any other relationship, that makes the people involved as happy and satisfied as possible. In that process I treat every form of relationship equally and I don’t judge people’s choice to love and live. I don’t consider any problem as problem of a special form of relationship. Rather I see it as a very special problem of the people involved, that demands a special solution in their special context. Another part of my work is to accompany couples on their way to open up their relationship and to help new-to-poly partners to find their position/satisfaction in an existent relationship system.

I offer Face-to-Face Counseling in the German cities Dresden and Leipzig and also Online/Email and Telephone Counselling for clients in other parts of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


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