Alaya Vautier

Professional Mediator - (at The Listener is In)
California Certified Mediator

I provide non-judgmental, neutral and safe mediation services to folks who need help working through difficult subjects, making agreements around open-relationships, discussing relationship hopes and dreams and fears, and general assistance in improving communication. I am sex-positive and LQBTQ friendly. I help you identify what areas you want to be heard on, discuss and work through and support you and your partner(s) to have constructive conversations about what is most meaningful to you all. I also offer communication coaching and tools for making talking about the hard stuff a little bit easier. As a mediator I am a neutral third party that is equally partial to all folks in a discussion and I help people wade through the hard parts of conflict to get to the heart of an issue and find their way to resolution and clarity. Most mediations range from two to three hours to allow for each person to really feel heard, seen and cared for.

Professional specialties and skills: Mediation, Conflict resolution, Restorative Justice, Peacemaking Circles, Group Dialogue Facilitation, Conflict and Communication Coaching. Speaks English and basic Spanish. I work remotely via Skype or in-person in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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