Jodie Voth MMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist - (at Voth Family Therapy)
Master of Marriage and Family Therapy, AAMFT member #130983
Jodie Voth is a Marriage and Family Therapist located in Selkirk, MB. Selkirk is a short drive from the city of Winnipeg. I work with people individually and within their relationships, according to their desires and needs for therapy. As a kink-aware and poly-friendly therapist I won’t assume that the issue that brings you to therapy is caused by your kink or poly orientation. I will be interested in your desire for change and your definition of success, rather than imposing someone else’s ideals upon you. I will be curious about whether/how your sexual identity and lifestyle affect other areas and relationships in your life. I can help you to clarify the boundaries of your poly/BDSM relationship and create an agreement that honors the needs and wishes of you and your partner(s). I have a high standard for my work and consult regularly with colleagues who are also sensitive to the needs of the kink/poly community.


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