Marsh Wildman

Wildman Technology and Fabrication

I am an Artisan/Technologist, but most people just call me a Maker! I build things for people. You bring me; a photo; a sketch on a napkin; or just a well communicated idea, and I turn that idea into a real object! We work with metal, wood, plastic and electronics to create the things people imagine…but don’t have the skills or tools to build themselves.

We also build prototypes for inventors and add technology to art pieces for artists. Our shop is equipped with all of the latest technology from CNC machining; to all processes of welding; to 3D printing and Laser engraving.

We specialize in difficult jobs that most shops won’t take. Our delivery time for tough jobs is fairly reasonable, the impossible will take slightly longer.

PO BOX 246925, SACRAMENTO, CA 95824

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