Sarah Neal

Spiritual, Family and Relationship Coach

My name is Sarah Neal and I am a Spiritual, Family, and Relationship Coach for non-traditional folks. I am a Certified Professional Life Coach through the World Coaching Institute with additional certifications in Relationship, Spiritual, Bereavement, Youth, Parent, and Family Coaching.

I am also an ordained minister through Willow DragonStone Community and Coven, Inc, where I also serve as the CEO. I am able to perform legal marriages as well as commitment ceremonies for poly families.

I am out of North East Georgia, but can hold sessions via telephone, skype, and even email.

I can be found on Facebook as As Within Coaching and on Twitter @aswithincoach. I host a group on Facebook for anyone wanting to discuss Non-Traditional Relationships whether they are in one or not. It is called Exploring Non-Traditional Relationships in an Ever-Changing World. Everything on that group is confidential.


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