Danielle Harel

Sex and Relationship Coach - (at Somatica Institute / Celeste and Danielle)
PhD Human Sexuality, Masters in Clinical Social Work, BA Psychology. Co-Founder of the Somatica Institute and Co-Creator of the Somatica Method of Sex and Relationship Coaching. Author of Making Love Real.
As a sex and relationship coach, I create an authentic, real and vulnerable relationship with my clients, empowering them to understand their turn ons and desires and helping them to communicate what they need in relationships. The Somatica Method is relational, experiential, practical and therefore very effective. I bring my passion, depth, intuition, and experience to support my clients in navigating the complexity of needs, desires, goals and beliefs around relationships and sexuality. Of course, I am always learning from my personal life as well, where I have found a fulfilling and satisfying open relationship. This gives me added compassion and confidence to help clients create and navigate the relationships that they want. Since I take an adaptive client-centered approach, I have supported many couples in opening their relationships in a safe, connected and fulfilling way, as well as supporting people navigate Poly relationships. I serve a diverse client population, men, women and couples from early 20’s to their 70’s. Some common issues we see are mismatches in desire, low desire, recovering from trust issues, psychological erectile dysfunction, lack of confidence. Ultimately my role is twofold. First, to create a space where individuals better understand themselves and what motivates them in their sexual/emotional desires. Then I help them find an effective way to share this with their partners so that they can teach their partners how to love them. You can find more information at www.SomaticaInstitute.com or at https://www.celesteanddanielle.com/relationship-therapy-and-coaching/


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