Michael J. McHugh

Attorney at Law - (at The McHugh Law Firm, A Professional Corporation)
Undergraduate: University of Virginia, BS Architecture; Graduate: North Carolina State University, Masters of Architecture; Law School: University of Virginia (JD awarded in 1987); Bar Credentials: Virginia State Bar (Admission 1987) Bar license number #27830, District of Columbia Bar (Admission 1988)

Coming from the LGBTQ community, I have spent the last 30 years assisting clients from non-traditional families in the areas of estate planning, property, and family law. I am a leader in the DC Metro area in Collaborative Practice, a non-litigation alternative to court based litigation which often includes judges and attorneys who are hostile to our non-traditional families. A lot of my work over the years has been in the realm of helping non-traditional families create legal documents that support and strengthen the bonds between them, including through pre-nups, co-ownership, and parenting agreements.

I generally charge at my hourly rate of $350 for services provided. Because I have an obligation to my family as well as to my clients, I generally do not offer sliding scale rates, however, in a compelling case with reduced resources, I may consider a reduced rate.

One point: As a general rule, non-traditional families, especially those where there are children, should avoid litigation, because our family relationships are not recognized and may be used in a negative manner against us. Having litigated in the past, I no longer do it because of the toll it takes on me and my clients. However, if litigation is necessary, I will make a referral to my colleague, who is also from the LGBTQ community, and has a long record of working with non-traditional families.


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