Kelsey Jae

Attorney - (at Law for Conscious Leadership)
BS Biology from University of Idaho, 2003; JD and MPP from Pepperdine University, 2007; USGBC Green Associate; Sustainable Economies Law Center Fellow; Benefit Corporation Bar Association; Idaho State Bar No. 7899; Oregon State Bar No. 182208

My practice focuses on helping social entrepreneurs and community builders develop innovative relationships and economic models that emphasize sustainability, collaboration and sharing. My role as legal counsel is to help my clients understand and navigate laws and regulations while managing relationships with the government and other people to improve their chances of success and fulfillment.

I work to encourage:

  • Sustainable Food Systems

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Sharing & Cooperative Culture

  • Peaceful Life Transitions

  • Creative Living Arrangements & Unconventional Relationships

  • Legal Hemp and Cannabis Businesses

  • Distributed Renewable Energy

  • Intentional & Sustainable Communities

Through my work, I am committed to helping clients:

  • navigate complex laws and regulations without losing their passion for the ventures they want to create

  • protect themselves from avoidable problems without over-lawyering transactions or creating paranoia and unnecessary conflict

  • enhance relationships with those they live and work with, even when they end up changing their minds

  • improve communities by educating rulemakers about barriers to sustainability and working to fix them

  • create new agreements and organizational models that can be replicated and shared as we co-create a regional sharing economy together.


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