Annie Boheler

Sex, Intimacy and Relationship Coach - (at Lovage Relationship Coaching)
B.S. Biology & Environmental Science CSUMB, Certified Somatica (R) Practitioner

I am a Somatica Practitioner working with individuals and couples to support the creation of their own flavor, or style, of relationships. I help my clients discover and soften growth-edges enabling increased desire and sensual celebration to emerge. Empowering woman’s and men’s unique erotic embodiment and expression fuels my work. I am especially happy about working with clients of any gender and sexual orientation. Passionate about cultivating resilience around growth-oriented mentality via authentic connection, I am thrilled to be working with the Santa Cruz community in person as well as the broader community via virtual sessions.

I have been studying with The Somatica Institute since 2017 and hold a BS in Biology and Environmental Science from CSUMB. Professional work, experiences and other trainings I draw my passions from include tantra, regenerative agriculture, herbalism, horse training, dance therapy, and communal living. It is imbedded into my coaching modality to have no judgement around all types of relationship orientations. One of my specialities is around non-monogamy since that is my personal orientation. I speak English. My clients are adults, over 18, and we work together with a wide variety of relationship challenges from platonic to sexual. This is not ‘sex work’ and I do work with my clients from a foundation of sexual positivity. You can learn more about the Somatica Method at https://www.somaticainstitute.com/somatica-philosophy/


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