Adam Sanford

Academic Life Coach - (at Undergrad Made Easier)
Ph.D., UC Riverside 2012; Certified Anti-Boring Approach Coach 2015 - present (www.gretchenwegner.com)

As a member of the poly community and a parent of two now-adult children, I understand how hard it is to find professionals to help with your children’s needs, and what kind of awkward questions you’ll get, when you’re poly. You won’t have to worry about those awkward questions with me!

I’m an academic life coach, working with high school and college students, to help them develop the skills they need to be successful in school. I also identify and work through various non-academic issues that require life coaching with my clients. If your teenager or young adult child is struggling with school, I can help them overcome their struggles and succeed!

One-on-one coaching, including: personalized issue identification and goal-setting; study, habit, and accountability systems and strategies; individualized action plans; written summaries of each session; video recordings of some sessions; and guaranteed recurring time slots each week.

Outside of coaching, students will also receive email and text message access and reminders, access to weekly online office hours, and access to courses in the Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying program. Coaching also provides accountability for the student, which can be critical.

If the child is underage, parents may be included in some sessions; if the child is an adult, I provide a waiver form that allows me to discuss certain issues with the parents if necessary.

Sessions are held using Zoom video chat, so distance is not a limitation on service.


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