Eva Karia

UKCP accredited psychotherapist based in the UK, working locally in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire in the UK and online with clients around the world.

My specialties include conflict; self-esteem, issues relating to sexuality, parenting, anxiety and trauma.

I trained at ProcessworkUK, and have 10 years experience of seeing clients. I work with individuals, couples, thruples and polycules as well as groups. My practice is sex positive, trauma informed and works with the body, the mind and the heart. I’m also sex critical- sex can be wonderful or horrible, however it is not the be all and end all. As a process-oriented practitioner I tailor sessions to you and what is happening- it may be more linear and involve talking and coaching or we will explore your dreams or work with your body. I’m deeply passionate about working with people and cherish the beautiful diversity of both humans and nature ore briadly. I’m not just interested in"fixing" things but also in engaging with the creativity of the challenges you face. I’m a cis queer white woman, aware of the privilege and challenges that this brings to my perspective. Im a mother of a mixed race child and am engaged around issues of racism, white privilege and parenting. I run a group for mothers local and am setting up a monthly sex conversations group in Stroud. I also work in corporate settings where I deliver very practice-oriented conflict facilitation and leadership trainings.

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