Jessica Ferrone

Life Coach - (at Loving Guide Life Support)
Jessica offers in person or remote sessions via zoom for intuitive, psychospiritual and mind-body guidance for all forms of relational mastery within various constructs. She can meet you where you’re at with empathy, compassion and help you navigate all the internal and external complexities one can face on this evolutionary path and journey to growth, freedom and heart expansion. Relevant issues she an help you navigate; feelings of inadequacy, neglect, core wound illumination, societal/cultural/religious conditioning, boundaries, safe sex, jealousy, communication and healthy self-love parameters. Her methodologies are energetic, intuitive, founded in her spiritual practice, her direct experience and embodied principles, applied knowledge (wisdom) and require deep and vulnerable mutuality of sharing between all parties. She offer limited, reduced sessions for singles and couples that wish to work with her long-term. All coaching can be anonymous and confidential and using your preferred method of communication.


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