Marie LePage

Relationship and Life Coach
BA in Psychology from University of Minnesota Twin Cities (minor in Spanish Studies)
Marie came from a toxic evangelical Christian background which was very challenging to deconstruct in her teens and early 20s. The years since that deconstruction have consisted of healing and reframing her worldview absent indoctrination from a toxic form of religion. Part of that reframing involved questioning the monogamy narrative that is deeply embedded in our culture. She ventured into non-monogamy as part of her healing path and gained so much. Releasing the messages of purity culture. Finding her voice in sexual situations. Knowing her worth in her relationships. Learning how to assert her needs and be responsible for her own feelings. She now provides coaching to others who are a) seeking to deconstruct the codependent monogamous narrative (yet stay monogamous), b) those curious about non-monogamy and want to talk it through, c) those already involved in non-monogamy who are facing challenges and need help working through things and problem-solving. Marie has gained expertise and respect for her knowledge in ENM through her podcast Everyone’s Agnostic, her appearances on other such platforms, like Dr. Darrel Ray’s Secular Sexuality, and through her coaching services. Marie is fluent in both English and Spanish. She specializes in helping those approaching ENM with a traumatic background in toxic religion. She can provide coaching in person, via chat, via email, or via video-conferencing.


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