Marie LePage

Relationship and Life Coach
BA in Psychology from University of Minnesota Twin Cities (minor in Spanish Studies)
Marie’s brain/body developed in a family system whose parents were emotional neglectful. Then Marie’s brain/body was conditioned with religious fundamentalist beliefs by evangelical Christianity in the 90s. Marie began deconstruction of these experiences as early as age 13 but their attentional trauma (ADHD) and resulting dissociative state made it impossible to trust their own mind/body. Marie moved through life in that dissociative state for several decades, re-enacting all the fearful cycles they had experienced as a child. Beginning to practice ethical non-monogamy in 2017 was Marie’s attempt to repair what they could tell was a type of relational trauma. Practicing ENM and continuing mental healing through tools like plant medicine, mindfulness, and radical honesty have been key to loosening up their dissociative state and fragmented sense of Self. Recognizing their own neurodivergence, how it manifests, and advocating for it in their relationships has also been powerful. Marie can support folx through their coaching on issues such as emotional neglect, religious/spiritual trauma, deconstruction of systemic trauma, ethical non-monogamy, codependency, and much more. Marie can provide coaching in person, phone, email, or video-conferencing. Marie believes there is nothing wrong with any one of us and brings that perspective into how they approach coaching as the belief that we are in some way broken (original sin, anyone?) causes our brains to cannibalize itself, thus creating the actual “disorder”.


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