Sparrow F. Alden

Certification of Ordination: Universal Life Church, December 18, 2001

I am delighted to provide rituals for modern living to the polyamorous and ethically non-monogamous community. I’m a neopagan, happy to serve my neighbors of all faith traditions.

  • Beautiful weddings with a personal touch, based on interviews with all partners

  • Commitment ceremonies for folks whose relationships are ready to be celebrated by intentional ritual, including handfasting and the annam cara.

  • Welcoming ceremonies for new members of a clan

    • new babies

    • new foster-kids

    • adoptions

    • and new adults in the community

  • Farewell ceremonies

    • hand partings

    • departure rituals

    • affirmations of divorce

  • Celebrations of the end of life

    • memorials and funerals - and all the family complexity that entails

    • end of life vigils

  • Restorative Circles, a conflict resolution method which encourages deep and reflective listening in a circle of supportive community (Restorative Circles require thoughtful explanation - please contact me free of charge to learn more about them before you decide whether this is the right action for you).

  • Spiritual companionship: walking with you and asking directive questions as you sort out a new stage of spiritual understanding and development.

Fees: I ask for $160 per half-day of work and am open to barter. A wedding is about one full day of interviews, writing, and performing the ceremony (spread out over many weeks, of course). If I’m driving over sixty miles to work with you, I will add on the federal business mileage rate; I’m based in Plainfield, NH.

Limitations: I am not yet well enough educated to serve the kink community; I hope that kink folks can find a good officiant for their needs elsewhere.


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