Amanda Ganley

New Thought Minister, Certified Spiritual Counselor, Life and Relationship Coach
I am a Latina, polyamorous, spiritual counselor and New Thought minister. I celebrate diversity within community, relationship styles, family models and the gifts of all individuals. I have been practicing polyamory in my own life for 5 years and find the tools and information connected to my spiritual work to be very helpful in navigating the dynamics of ethical non-monogamy in all its varying shades. My practice is open to people ranging from traditional to non-normative identities including kink, sex-worker, and LGBTQ. I enjoy celebrating love and family in all its iterations and have experience with curating wedding ceremonies, commitment ceremonies and civil unions for couples, families and moresomes to celebrate the ways they choose to commit and combine their lives. More information is available on the website listed above or at http://amandaganley.com.


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