Mike Pumphrey

Money Coach - ( at Empathic Finance)

I’m a money coach and I help people from all life situations move from money anxiety to financial empowerment. I have a specific focus on those in the consensual non-monogamy community, or those in any nontraditional relationships and lifestyles.

My work involves three areas:

Practicality - Create a budget and action plan to get you unstuck. Map out specific goals for your future.

Emotion - Move from feeling out of control and anxious to feeling confident, self-assured, and excited about the future.

Identity - Learn how you have become who you are. Take control of your money story to become who you want to be.

I can help you get unstuck and unlock your ability to build and maintain wealth. If you are tired of working hard and not getting where you want to go, let’s get on a call.

BOX 2635, PORTLAND, OR 97208 USA

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