Cheynne Mease

Respected Practitioner by both the Traditional and Alternative Healing Modalities - ( at Health Heart Soul LLC)
Author of Clarity Wisdom Harmony: Simple and Concise Tools For Living; Founder of Health Heart Soul, LLC; Celebrant with the Universal Life Church Modesto CA; Highlights of thirty years education and work with clients includes: Energy Medicine, Polarity Therapy, Intuitive Healing, Bowen Theory, Reflexology,Craniosacral Therapy, Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Qi Gong, and Yoga

Healthy Boundaries with Self and Others along with Clear Concise Communication ~ Defining Self is vitally important in all relationships.

I help you define your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual boundaries to create an emotionally mature relationship with self at a core level which allows for healthy boundaries with others at all levels bringing abundance and joy into your life with ease.

Sessions made simple.

You can work with ease over the phone or internet to share your inner thoughts, desire, needs without judgement.

Free 15 minute consult to determine if we are good fit for your investment.

Discount 10% with the mention of being a member of the Poly organization.

I do not take insurance,

I do not have sliding fee scale.

I work primarily by referrals from physicians, and past clients. Some clients find me by way of my speaking/teaching as well as internet google search.

I hold safe space for new born babes to wise ones late in their life, be it at the birth of a baby or the passing - crossing over as an individual leaves the body I have been there many times.

I am told that I hold safe space for individuals to be heard, validated and get clarity. Some consider me to be a Shaman - healer. Often times it feels like I am a Spiritual Archaeologist.

I believe I am an Inspirationalist here to inspire individuals to live the best life they can live no matter what life offers.


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