Rose C. Jiggens

True Self Guide - (at True Self Systems)
Family Constellations; Trauma Sensitive Breathwork; The Wheel of Consent(R); Member of The Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists; Member of the Independent Practitioners Network; Insured with BGI; MA & BA (Hons) Fine Art

I am Rose: a poly friendly therapist. I work online and in London using the following approaches:

Family Constellations Therapy

In a family constellation we talk about the issues that you bring in the context of the systems in which they reside. The relevant system could be: your family of origin, past relationships and events, belief systems, cultural systems, a current community, organisation - or something else altogether.

Next we constellate (i.e. lay out a ‘map’) which may use figures, inner vision or floor markers. Insights emerge from position and placement, sentences and most of all - the felt sense in your body. A constellation can be a single standalone session (one theme) or longer ongoing work.

Healing Your Inner Child - Trauma Sensitive Breathwork

Breathwork therapy as a tool for psychological enquiry has been developing since the 1960s. I qualified in Rebirthing Breathwork, which brings to awareness imprints from the past (especially infancy through to teens) that may negatively impact our present.

I have evolved my breathwork practice to be trauma sensitive. I use a plural selves / parts work approach and trauma specific psycho-education (e.g. orienting, titration, pendulation), enabling the breath to unfurl and deepen as your nervous system heals. Sessions are generally weekly or fortnightly for at least 3 months, shorter work is sometimes ok too.

The Wheel of Consent(R)

The Wheel of Consent(R) is an embodied practice and agreement model, describing dynamics of exchange that take place in relationship of all kinds. The practice and theory combined help us negotiate clear and consensual agreements in all areas of life. The Wheel of Consent(R) can support your relationship enquiries by offering:

  • an embodied practice to support you noticing and communicating your desires

  • an embodied practice to support you noticing and communicating your boundaries

  • a body of theory supporting greater clarity in all sorts of relationship exchanges

  • a diagnostic tool to help unpick what happened, when things have gone wrong

I offer Wheel of Consent(R) teachings both online and in person. You can attend a session or workshop as an individual, or with your partner(s) and friend(s) to learn together.

Those are the tools and here’s who holds them!

I live with my partners and chosen family, we are GSRD. This is just my life - it is also the fruit of many years enquiry into home, family and how these might best reflect and nourish my true self (I am Bisexual, Gender Queer, Pronouns they, them).

Because I am interested in your true self, I am careful not to proselytise for any particular way of being. But perhaps simply knowing I have walked a path less travelled, may support you having the confidence to choose your own.


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