Larry Yavorsky RN, LMFT

Psychotherapist and Relationship Counsellor - ( at All Heart Psychotherapy & Relationship Enhancemet)
I have been a psychotherapist and relationship counsellor for over 30 years. I worked for 28 years in San Francisco County Mental Health, where both my RN and LMFT skills were important. In California I have been licensed as an RN since 1980, and a fully Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (#34449) since 1994. But I was doing counselling in psychiatric hospitals & as part of degree programs from 1967. I hold a BA in psychology from Yale University (New Haven,CN), a MA in psychology from Western Institute for Social Research (Berkeley,CA), & a BSN in nursing from Univ of Calif San Francisco.

Having worked in numerous mental health & counselling situations, I have experience with clients of a wide range of life-style, ethnicity, gender identification, sexual orientation, and personal backgrounds. Most of my experience has been with ages 14 and older. I also have counselled clients showing a wide range of patterns of personal distress and symptoms. For 28 years part of my job was to diagnose new clients in an outpatient clinic that served clients with problems ranging from mild adjustment to severe psychoses, and everyone in between. In the decade since I retired from that clinic to focus on private practice, I have worked with both individuals and couples/triads who asked for help exploring alternative styles of relationship, gender identification, and sexuality.

I have been trained in many styles of therapy and family/network/group intervention. I try to tailor my offerings to the needs, goals, and values of the client(s) who seek my services. In the area of traumatic stress, I am certified in EMDR (formerly called eye-movement-desensitization&-reprocessing… now I call it “Emotional Memory Desensitization& Reprocessing”). I was certified by California BBS as Hypnotherapist in 1982. I have explored using various altered states to help clients. This has included study and practice of Mindfulness Meditation which I apply to counselling situations. I have also studied several “Energy Meditations” and “Movement Meditations”. Under my RN certification I have studied and offered massage and bodywork. I draw from these varied trainings and experiences as tools to offer to clients what is acceptable, interesting, and useful to their development in life, in happiness, in consciousness, and in relating with others.

Currently (July 2020) I am mainly offering sessions via video (zoom,etc). FtF sessions are still possible, if needed by clients.


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