Maria Merloni L.I.C.S.W., CLC

Sex and Relationship Coach, Psychotherapist - (at Connect More: At the Intersection of Hot and Holy)
I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (state of MA), a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work (state of MA), and a Life Coaching Certificate (state of CA). My L.I.C.S.W. license # is 114625
I specialize in sex and relationships, specifically working with all types of sexual minorities, including poly, non-mono, kink, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, trans etc. I am also informed about allyship and recognize the impact that race has on these issues. I am a trauma therapist, meditation teacher, and Tantra educator. I work with adults 18+ including 65+. I offer individual and couples work. I also have an ongoing therapy group for Poly/Non-Mono/Kinky folk. I do not take insurance; however, if you have an out of network benefit with your insurance, I can give you the info. you need to submit for reimbursement after self pay. I offer a free 60 minute consultation for those who’d like more info. and to see if we’re a good fit. www.calendly.com/mariamerloni


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