Sawah Daniels

Counselling - ( at TheNerdyTherapist)
Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (April 2021 expected completion). CCPA Membership (student) 10008328. Supervised by Deirdre McLaughlin BCACC 12449, Address: Nelson, BC Canada

I am a masters in counselling psychology student set to graduate April 18, 2021 with experience in relational counselling (individual and partnered), trauma, anxiety, depression, addictions, personality disorders, LGBTQ2SIA+, domestic violence, families, and neurodiversity. I have completed Gottman Level 1, conflict resolution training, facilitation training, and attend annual poly, kink, and sex positive conferences, I have completed trainings in STAIR (skills training and interpersonal relationships) and narrative therapy. My modalities include drawing on solution focused therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, narrative, and gestalt; all in a trauma informed practice. I prefer an eclectic approach to helping people that is suited to the client and their needs and goals.

I believe that polyamory can be an identity to some and a choice to others and that it is a spectrum like many things in life. Polyamorous configurations come in many forms and can be descriptively or prescriptively hierarchal, egalitarian or solo poly, some who are ethically non-monogamous identify as Relationship Anarchists. I am comfortable helping people in any configuration, including poly-mono, quads, triads, and open format polyamory. I believe the client is the expert in their life and my role is to provide tools and skills to help affirm choices and authenticity. I am gender affirming, polyamorous and kink friendly and will meet you where you are at in your journey, whether it is opening up, seasoned in non-monogamy, or working through breaches of trust. I am able to help anyone over the age of 10.

GROUP OFFERING: I am running a relationship reset group that is open to individuals and couples and looks at consent, boundaries, communicating needs and wants and more. I have 3 slots left at $162 and 3 slots at $270. The group begins May 3 and runs for 6 weeks. Sessions are 90 minutes and will be from 7pm -830pm PST.


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