Katherine Frank Ph.D.

Affiliate Research Faculty - ( at UNLV Department of Sociology)
My PhD is in cultural anthropology from Duke University (1999), and I worked as a researcher and professor for over a decade before undergoing Strategic Intervention coaching training (Robbins-Madanes).

I work with both individuals and couples. My coaching services focus on the following areas: 1) sexuality coaching–understanding your sexual fantasies, desires, preferences, and needs; exploring thoughts and feelings about sex, intimacy, and relationships; and navigating the contemporary sexual landscape; 2) relationship coaching–negotiating monogamy or its alternatives; enhancing communication; controlling jealousy and other emotions; setting boundaries; etc. 3) life and wellness coaching–attaining career goals and dreams; creating a meaningful, authentic, and fulfilling life; optimizing physical and psychological health; 4) other areas that are of particular interest to me, such as strengthening relationships between children and parents, coaching for academic/popular writing projects, or overcoming fear related to horses or other animals.

Coaching sessions are usually done using video technology, although occasionally in-person sessions can be arranged.


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