Jeannie Miller

Surrogate Partner, Intimacy Coach & Professional Cuddler - (at Jeannie Surrogate Therapy & Intimacy Coaching)
Training: International Professional Surrogates Association, Intern Surrogate Partner (completedintensive 2020); Cuddlist, Cuddlist Training (2021)

As a queer, trans woman I work with people of all genders and sexualities and specialize in serving LGBTQIA+ clients.

I support people who want to experience more healthy, consensual, and joyful intimacy in their lives—including working through feelings of sexual shame, inadequacy, inexperience, trauma, or dysfunction. I tried to ensure my work is trauma-informed, body-positive, and antiracist.

As a professional cuddler, I provide explicitly negotiated, client-led platonic touch in a context of compassionate presence.

As an intimacy and embodiment coach, I provide a sounding board, intimacy and sex education, and skill-building through structured communication and touch-based exercises.

As a surrogate partner, I collaborate with a client and their licensed talk therapist. I meet regularly with clients in a time-bounded, therapeutic relationship that provides a bounded space for skill-building and a model for future relationships.


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