Jeannie Miller

Surrogate Partner & Intimacy Coach - ( at Jeannie Surrogate Therapy & Intimacy Coaching)
Training: International Professional Surrogates Association, Intern Surrogate Partner (completed initial training February 2020)

I’m a trained surrogate partner and intimacy coach working in the Greater Washington, DC Metro Area and beyond.

I work with people who want to experience more healthy, consensual, and joyful intimacy in their lives – including working through feelings of sexual shame, inadequacy, inexperience, trauma, or dysfunction. I work with adults of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations. As a transgender woman, I have a special interest in working with transgender people as well as their partners.

As a surrogate partner, I work in collaboration with a client and their talk therapist to create a process for learning, skill-building, and healing. This can include guiding clients through exercises that help build their awareness and connection to their own bodies, desires, and emotions, and build skills for communication and all levels of connection and intimacy. I speak and work in English.


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