Tatiana Aitken

Tantric bodywork therapist - (at Tantric Body Work)
BSc from Aston University, CTJE [Certified Tantric Journey Educator] qualification from London school of Healing & Awakening, dip. psychosex.
I offer tantric massage therapy and de-armouring services. These can help you to release stress from the body and heal from any past traumas. As that which is no longer unwanted is released from the body, clients are helped to open up to feeling more pleasure in the body, and more joy and positivity in their lives. I also deal specifically with sexual trauma, such as rape and assault, and sexual dysfunctions. Services are offered to those in England, both in Teesside and in London. A typical session is 4-5 hours long and costs 250 pounds (350 pounds in London). Online Skype coaching sessions are also offered. Please see my website for more details, or contact me.


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