Carrie Sackett

Social Therapeutic Relationship and Life Coach, Somatic Coach - (at ZPD Coaching)
Certified graduate of the New York State chartered East Side Institute, New York, NY; ICF-Accredited Certificate in Body-oriented Coaching, London, England

It takes continuous work and investment in one’s relationships to practice healthy polyamory. I work with clients to be active builders and creators of their intimate relationships, and to grow in their ability to organize others to be supportive of them and their life choices.

Social therapeutics is a framework for emotional and relational growth. The approach is most powerful in group settings. I work with poly clients individually and in poly-relationship groups. I also lead groups focused on emotional growth that include both polyamorous and monogamous clients. My practice is LGBT-friendly.

As a coach, I can legally share my experiences and work with clients anywhere in the US and world. My clientele is multiracial, multiclass and international. Sessions held on zoom.

I offer a sliding scale, so as to be as inclusive as possible. In addition to English, I am fluent in Italian.


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