Roy Graff

Relationship and Communications coach/consultant - ( at Open Relating)
I have training in a range of modalities including Non-violent communication, Radical honesty and Psychosynthesis. I am currently undergoing training as a psychotherapist.

I offer coaching and mentoring to individuals, couples and polycules. I can help with relationship issues, honesty and authenticity in relating, life transformation and major life crises. My support is offered as a mentor, consultant and coach. I use a variety of methodologies, along with my life experience, to best support you with your journey. I have 7+ years of running workshops and facilitating sharing groups and am training to become a psychotherapist following the Psychosynthesis modality.

I offer online consultation via zoom in English, Mandarin and Hebrew. I work with adults 21 and above.

I also offer a 5 week, intensive group workshop course for autonomous, conscious and connected relationships of any dynamic.


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