Shama Helena Malin CHT, CDC, TDE

I am a life, love and sex coach in Los Angeles. Not only do I offer counseling, but my practice is focused on providing clients with the tools to transform the challenges and opportunities that relationship brings for personal growth. A 15 year veteran in a very successful poly pod, I have had the opportunity to experience many successful poly relationships with as many individual styles. My approach is non-judgmental and we will focus on creating solutions that work. Alternative lifestyles are supported too! My bag of skills include hypnotherapy, shamanic techniques, Tantra, body and somatic and emotional release work, energy healing and much more. I will support your freedom to explore and dance in compassion and compersion with those you love in mutually supportive honoring and respect. - Does online consultation - Does phone consultation

VAN NUYS, CA, 91405, US

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