Kimberly Brandon AMFT, LPC-A, IKYT

Somatic Psychotherapist - ( at Grateful Heart)
Masters in Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Registration numbers: AMFT122082 and APCC8703. Supervised by Anna Howland, LMFT#99026.

I provide therapeutic treatment for individuals, couples, and groups facing seeming impasses and resulting physical and emotional symptoms. I have specialized training in trauma and work with survivors, to uncover missed experiences and process traumatic happenings that may have previously left an imprint within the nervous system. With couples managing trauma, we look for new ways to improve capacities to maintain regulation and find ease in the relationship. In therapy we will collaboratively honor the lengths taken to survive our experiences and work to pave a path to thriving.

My approach is mindful and dialogic. I encourage exploration and have a knack for helping smart people move passed self-limiting thoughts and behaviours. As a practicing Buddhist and a yogi there is a transpersonal bend to the space I hold, but I do not push nor promote any schools of thought. I pride myself on upholding a level of cultural competence I feel necessary to facilitate change in community and growth in therapy. My practice is open, accepting, poly-versed, kink aware, and LGBTQIA+ affirming.

As a somatic clinician, I am sensitive not only to the cultural influences in our bones, but to the unique neurobiological and psychosocial makeup that is you. Therapy with me is gentle yet rigorous. I work at your pace yet hold in mind always treatment goals brought to me and my responsibility to you as a helping other. With whole systems care at heart, I have a holistic approach to wellness. In session I draw upon traditional psychodynamic and eastern philosophies and practices as well as current somatic science and contemporary treatment modalities such as: Somatic Experiencing, Polyvagal Theory, Fusion Acupressure, Formative Psychology, Yoga Therapeutics, Hakomi, AEDP, EFT, and PACT. You can find a broader account of my approach, style, and modalities I utilize on my site www.somaticcentered.com.


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