Inna Yulman

Relationship Counseling - ( at NYC Relationship Counseling)
Masters in psychology, Harvard University. Certification from New York Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and The International Center of Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy. Certification in Positive Psychology Strength Coaching, Institute of Executive Coaching. I am training under Eugenia Steingold, Ph.D (NYS 018361)

Navigating polyamorous relationships? Looking to open your relationship to ENM or polyamory? Recovering from a recent breakup? Want to move on and create a solid relationship with yourself and set healthier boundaries with others? I support individuals like you in better articulating your needs to yourself and others. We will then activate the unique strengths you already possess to create a more empowered You. As a Harvard-trained strength and relationships coach, I understand what it takes to move on from a toxic relationship or a devastating breakup. Join me for a step-by-step journey of reconstructing your empowered self.

I have a lot of experience helping people overcome difficulties in their close relationships and also in dealing with people coming out of relationships. We work to make the process less painful, more constructive, and to build a foundation for a strong new start.

I’m trained in Emotional Focused Therapy, strength-based approach of positive psychology, Attachment Theory, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

I speak English and Russian.

Currently, I conduct my sessions on video platforms, such as Zoom.

NEW YORK, NY 10010

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