Mariana Luna

Curandera / Certified Transformational Life Coach / Reiki Practitioner / Shamanic Practitioner - (at Shamanic Reiki & Holistic Life Coaching)
I hold a certificate for Transformational Life Coaching from Animas Centre for Coaching, based in London, UK. I am also a certified Reiki Master from the Usui Ryoho System lineage. I am also a certified Shamanic Practitioner from the University of Consciousness based in Mexico City, Mexico.

Languages: English, Spanish, German

Offerings: Shamanic Reiki Treatments, Holistic Life Coaching, Non-Monogamy Coaching, House Clearings

Hi there, I’m Mariana (she/her), a compassionate Curandera, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master and Holistic Life Coach. I combine ancient and contemporary healing methods and wisdom to support your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

My unique approach blends Reiki with traditional Mexican shamanic practices, known as curanderismo, alongside modern coaching to create powerful and individually tailored healing rituals. We will go deep in our sessions, working through any blockages, imbalances, stuck or negative energy or thought patterns, fears or anxieties that are holding you back. I will support you in tapping into your inner and outer wisdom, while rebalancing your energy system in the process.

This is a sacred, intimate and special undertaking that is best experienced and not explained.

A unique part of my practice is dedicated to supporting people who navigate or want to navigate non-monogamy.

I offer a safe, non judgemental, compassionate and confidential space to talk about all things non-monogamy. Whether you are dipping your toes into open relating, opening an existing relationship, a full blown polyamorist, a seasoned swinger, curious to know more or anything in-between - I’m here for you. No topic is too taboo or off limits.

My approach is integrative, intuitive, person-centered and compassionate. I bring with me 10+ years of personal experience in polyamory and open relating (successfully and sometimes not so successfully). I understand the theory of non-monogamy, having studied nearly every book that exists on the topic. If it feels right, I can bring aspects of mindfulness, meditation, and/or Shamanic Reiki.

I offer sessions to individuals, couples, triads, quads, polycules and other constellations who are navigating non-monogamy.

I offer 30min free consultations. Queer owned and friendly business.


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