Jim Accetta

Personal Relationship Coach - ( at Truly Human Coaching)

I am a Kink Friendly Professional Relationship Coach and Energetic Healer. I help others create meaning and magick in their lives by challenging and moving beyond limiting cultural beliefs.

In addition to my 1:1 work with clients, I also help couples and poly groups to build intimate trusting relationships and improve their communication skills.

I teach the practice of choice and responsibility. Of being conscious and intentional in all we do; specifically in creating the life and relationships we want in our lives.

I am also a certified hypnotist and certified trainer of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP(tm)). I train professionals on how to use unconscious processes to meet their personal and business goals; in coaching I teach people how to use their minds.

I do 90% of my work over the phone and offer free consultations. - Does online consultation - Does phone consultation


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