Anita Skrautvol

Clinical psychologist (licenced), Clinical sexologist (licenced/NACS), Character analyst (NKI) - (at Institutt for Klinisk Sexologi og Terapi)

Psychotherapy with adults and adolescents who primarily seek help for issues regarding sexuality (orgasm/desire/pain/erectile dysfunction/confidence/trust/boundaries/insert other problem here…), gender, kink (kink knowledgeable), relationships, sexual abuse… the list goes on. Couples, poly constellations, individuals, groups - whatever floats your boat, everyone’s welcome (unless you have a serious drug/alcohol problem you need to resolve elsewhere first - after which you’re also welcome). Therapies in Norwegian or English (I understand Swedish and Danish). Online sessions possible in special cases, but only after a minimum of two live meetings.

NOK 1000/45min session individual therapy,1200 for sessions involving more than 1. 4-5 and above is considered a group, fee as mutually agreed upon and double sessions strongly recommended). Long term or short term therapies as needed. If you qualify for a specific type of long term psychotherapy I specialize in (a character analytical approach), and agree to the terms involved, a reduced fee may be available.


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